About Us

With 20+ years of experience in Italy and abroad, Design Danieli offers extraordinary services in the construction sector.

Giuseppe Danieli - SoletoFrom renovations to luxury decorations, using the best Italian materials such as marble, Lecce stone, and Pietra di Soleto, Dr Giuseppe Danieli’s company offers original solutions made quickly at the best prices on the market.

Finding the necessary workers and dedication to create excellent work is difficult.

Our history is made of a timeless style, which leaves its mark and satisfies the needs of each customer.

Contact us to discuss your needs and receive a free quote without obligation.

We work both in Italy and abroad.

We are meticulously dedicated to the customer. Therefore, we cannot serve everyone, but we prefer to work with a few projects simultaneously, always guaranteeing the best.

Therefore, contacting us as soon as possible is good to evaluate availability.

Design Danieli Soleto Lecce Italia